yoga flow

the teachers very own personal way of teaching each individual class. each class involves movement, breath, mindful, relaxation, energy and fun. suitable for all levels

rocket yoga

a combination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd series of ashtanga - this fun, fast paced, explorative sequence encourages play and offers modifications of traditional poses. the practice encourages a smooth rhythm of breath and movement. we do not recommend this class for complete beginners 

yoga flow

yoga for the next generation. in classes children are encouraged to move freely, in ways that they feel is right for them and to be themselves within the group. classes are non-competitive, non-judgmental and inclusive of all additional needs.note: classes are aimed at children aged 4-7. 

foundations yoga

designed by 38 this sequence allows beginners to become familiar with the practice and intermediates to advanced to re-visit foundational postures, fine-tune alignment and go deeper. focus on both asana (posture) and pranayama (breath), each teacher bringing their knowledge and personal touch to the class


mandala yoga utilises the yoga mat in a 360 way. mandala adds a new level of creativity to a class, making it an enjoyable and fun new way to move! a repetitive sequence, changed weekly, encouraging movement, flow and fun in each practice.

hot yoga

exactly what it says on the tin, it's hot and it's yoga... expect to get sweaty. this is one of our most popular classes, the style of yoga is personal choice in that of the teacher


ashtanga is a sequence of yoga postures, performed in a specific order, that emphasise the flow and breath between movements. the sequence includes seated poses and standing poses along with salutations and breathwork

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